This site is dedicated to those National Servicemen who are looking for lost mates from when they served.

I wonder if you can help me find a missing friend.I am happy that if anyone knows him to have my number passed onto him I am sure that he will give me a call. I last saw him in Melb June 69 he was on his way to Portsea to do a barmans course(I think).
I have some letters that he sent to me from exercises up north in 1967. He was called up in South Australia.
I would love to catch up and our families get together.
I have tried the telephone directory,the electoral roll ,local member,the blac berets web site.
He was with the amoured vehciles at Wacol in 68 I have put his no etc for you. I could not work out how to get into the missing Nasho page. I am afraid that I am technically challenged. :-(
his no
4718529 Tpr Brace M. (Michael)
B sqn 2 Cav Reg

I would say from 67 to 69

Any help or clues would be appreciated I did try the Salvos too.


Nola (Perry)


My father did National Service somewhere between 1954 and 1958. He is trying
to find a pal that he served with. I notice his name is not on the list on
your web page - is there some other register or list?
His name was/ is Malcolm Bernard Mason from Sydney - he thinks he was in a
RAEME unit because he was a tool maker.
any help would be appreciated

Mark Mason

Email: markmason426@bigpond.com

William J (Bill) Wilkinson is looking to make contact with any mates who served with him in 1951. He was in A Company 11 Infantry Training Battalion, Wacol 1951. His number, 1/700162.

any help would be appreciated

Email:  hbk1@powerup>com.au

I am trying to find out the Nasho number of M.G.Brown
who served at H.M.A.S LEEUWIN     1968   or 1969    as a ship`s writer    hope you can assist me 
Graeme  Winter             graeme7@iprimus.com.au  

I am Bruce Clark. Army.Member of NSAA. Yarra Valley outer Eastern branch Vic.

I wish to make contact with National Servicemen who served with David Williams. 1956 intake. Base. H.M.A.S. Cerberus. Ship. H.M.A.S. Sydney.
Group Photo taken 21Aug. 1956. include the following: P.Freeman. J.Russell. K.Jones. J.Furnell. R. Gregory. J'Guest. B. Goldsmith. E.Meade. G.Mac Namara. D.Gough. E. Lambert. and others.
The intake went to Fiji.David Williams was my life long friend, I am in the process of applying for his National Service Medal for his widow and children.I would like to aquire copies of photos of David taken during the relevent 1956 intake.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Contact. Bruce Clark.
9. Ross. St. Ferntree Gully. Vic. 3156.

Email: christmashills@bigpond.au.

I wonder if I could contact any of the people in the attached photo - you might like to publish this in the mag.??
This is photo taken in King George Sq. July 1954.
Nasho 2nd Intake - members of A Coy Wacol.
Milton Menary, Wally Newell, Eddy 'The Roo' Myers, Cliff Weder, Ivan Richters, Billy May, Billy Proctor, Jim 'Lucky' Moore, Sam Slaughter.

Cliff Weder.

27 Kilsby St. The Gap 4061



This is a tragedy I hope you can help to resolve.

Yesterday, I was talking to Rusty Priest and Bob Bushby. Rusty informed us that he and Concord Hospital are searching for the daughter of:-

2782149 Gnr Philip Charles NORRIS. DoB 19.02.45 at Auburn NSW.
National Serviceman with 1 Fd Regt, 20.05.66 to 06.09.66 Sth Vietnam.
Suffered a severe head wound and medivac back to Aust. He has been institutionalized ever since.
He is currently in ‘H’ Ward Concord Hospital.

Sadly,this man appears on various memorials as dead from wounds received in battle. He was even shown on the memorial in Canberra and had to be removed. If any one knows the whereabouts of his daughter please contact Nurse Elizabeth Miles on 02 9556 9573, ‘H’ Ward Concord Hospital.

The daughter's birth name is Mary Elizabeth NORRIS, she may have married a chap called Clifford John BROWN.

This matter is urgent.
You can contact the writer on 0417 621 411

Lost Mate

A nasho friend of mine from Boonah and myself, are trying to trace one Terrence (Terry) Chappell. We were members of 24th Platoon 'D' Company, at Wacol in the first intake in 1951. If anyone know the wereabouts of Terry, you can contact Kenneth Avenell; email llenevatoo@interworx.com.au or our State Office on 07 3324 1277.


I am searching for a Vietnam Veteran by the name of: Gary Thomas Griffiths. Service Number 3799095.

Service between 18/3/1971 and 18/11/1971. Date of Birth 16/03/1950. Place of Birth: Kilmore, Victoria

Rank: Sapper Corps: Royal Australian Engineers Unit: 1st Field Squadron National Service: Yes

I am trying to find current address or phone number as I have some valuable property that I wish to return to him.

Lee Hill

Sub-Branch Secretary

Innisfail RSL

Ph:   40611601

Fax: 40617820