The National Service Heritage Precinct has been inaugurated on part of the former Wacol Army Camp.  

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence, the Hon.Teresa Gambaro MP unveiled a plaque after praising the project and the contribution Nashos have made to Australia. 

The Precinct, covering 1.3 hectares, includes the Chapel, the Everymanís Hut, three other buildings and a former company parade ground. All are enclosed in a security fence and the Association has a watchman on site.

The newly appointed Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs, Mr.Alan Griffin (fourth from left) was amongst the audience of senior Service officers, representatives of community organisations and Nashos who attended the ceremony.  

The Australian flag, the White and Blue ensigns and the National Service flag were ceremoniously raised. The Navy provided a seaman for the White Ensign.  

Colin Bell told the assembly that the buildings would be refurbished by voluntary work parties drawn from the Branches, each of whom had been asked to adopt a particular part of the Precinct.  

Mr.Bell said other organisations including the Military Jeep Club and Cadet units had expressed interest in using the Precinctís facilities including the parade ground.


The Chapel will be used for services and for weddings and funerals. Colin and Nelleka Swinfield,  from Nambour, were married in the Chapel on  10 December 1966. Colin, a Nasho, later joined the Regular Army.

Colin and Nelleka Swinfield revisiting the memorial in 2005

The Everymanís Organisation provided the morning tea. The non-denominational organisation provides welfare and counselling services to servicemen and women throughout Australia. Many Wacol Nashos well knew the Everymanís Hut which was the large igloo now moved into the Precinct to resume its former role.

Former Everymanís officers attended the inauguration including the current Chief Commissioner, Mr.Bob Rogers and his predecessor, Mr.Stacey Kruck.   


The Hon.Teresa Gambaro MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence shaking hands with Colin Bell after unveiling the plaque is pictured here.


 Dr Tracey Ireland and Mitzi Venn at the memorial in July 2005

Ivan Davis showing Colin the route that will be taken to move the Everymans hut onto our site.

The Everymans hut has been moved onto the site awaiting restumping and to have stairs installed

The gaurd has been marched on so that the unveiling can take place.